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We are happy to offer products for our patients that not only speed up recovery, but also provide proven pain relief.

Incrediwear products increase circulation to reduce inflammation & swelling, relieve pain, restore mobility, and accelerate recovery. Their  technology incorporates semiconductor elements within the fabric that releases negative ions when stimulated by body heat. The negative ions activate cellular vibrations that increase blood flow and speed.
Increasing circulation helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the target area, which optimizes the body’s natural healing process and accelerates post-operative recovery.

Stop in to our offices today to purchase yours today!



Living painlessly with full mobility is the key to a fulfilling life. Whether it's a morning run, yoga class or keeping up with the kids, it's important to live life to the fullest. Incrediwear lets you prevent injuries to live an active life.



Being a high-performing athlete is about dedication, focus and drive. You need everything in your life to support your goals. With Incrediwear you can push yourself beyond your personal best.



Recovery is an important focus of any athlete. Our anti-inflammatory sleeves and braces can be worn 24/7 and are scientifically proven to increase blood flow to optimize the body's natural healing process.

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