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Athletic injuries are simply part of the game. Whether you are an amateur, a weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete, the sports medicine-trained physicians at Lakeside Orthopedic Institute help you stay strong in a couple of ways. First, we treat athletic injuries – and through prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation that restore you to active health and fitness. Second, we help you compete at the highest level, as befits a professional athlete.


Through research and advanced fellowship training, and extensive hands-on clinical experience, our sports medicine physicians have acquired the skills to care for athletes of all ages, sports and levels of competition. In any case, sports medicine physicians lean on their expertise to properly evaluate the injury and develop a strategic, personalized plan of care.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete you can be assured our orthopedic specialists will care for your orthopedic sports medicine needs. Your Lakeside Orthopedic Institute Inc primary care sports medicine physician can help you:

  • By caring for all illnesses and medical conditions related to sports – from a football game concussion to running-related asthma.

  • By finding ways to help you improve your performance

  • By optimizing your performance and maximizing aerobic and strength conditioning through sports nutrition and dietary supplementation

  • By providing pre-participation physical examinations, including clearance for high school or collegiate sports or evaluation prior to beginning an exercise program

  • By starting you on a treatment plan for pre-existing or newly discovered conditions that might interfere with your sports participation

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